Unless stated otherwise, the software is released under the GNU GPL v3 License.

All these apps require the .NET Framework 4 to be installed.

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Release History

2016-03-31- Visimetrica released
New features:
  • Filter selector combo box of Filter Rack - items are grouped by filter type.
Filter selector combo box
2016-03-09- Visimetrica released
New features:
  • Bilateral and Conservative Smoothing filters added to Filter Rack.
  • Fixed bug in WAVG stacking.
2016-02-29- Visimetrica released
New features:
  • Sharpen and Gaussian Sharpen filters added to Filter Rack.
  • Possible image distortion caused by Adaptive Thresholding filter fixed.
2016-02-24- Visimetrica released
New features:
  • Fixed bug in taking a snapshot from Filter Rack.
  • Fixed memory leak in image rendering.
2016-02-17- Visimetrica released
New features:
  • Name of the current workspace added to the main window title.
  • Camera stream type included in saved workspace.
  • Some minor bugs fixed.
2016-02-10- Visimetrica released
New features:

Another phase of memory management improvement completed

There were several automatic visual tests for cyclic loading and running all kinds of media created. During these tests, the managed memory was profiled and several memory leaks eliminated. Memory Profile Before
Bytes in all Heaps before modification - ends with Out of Memory exception Memory Profile After
Bytes in all Heaps after modification
2016-01-26- Visimetrica released
New features:

1. By checking DirectShow checkbox on Video tab, video files can be opened in the DirectShow mode now.

DirectShow mode Although the DirectShow is an obsolete technology which is less stable and less efficient than Media Foundation, in this case, it can be well used for real time video filtering. So the Filter Rack, previously applicable for cameras or images only can be used for video files as well. Because the filters in general put a heavy burden on the CPU, the frame rate will be decreased probably. It means, that for some filters or filter chains it can serve as a preview only. Remember, that DirectShow needs proper codecs installed.

2. Filter2Video module added

Filter2Video Filter2Video preview mode Filter2Video processing mode To apply filters to a video file the Filter2Video module was added. It creates a new file with optional resolution, frame rate, bit rate, codec and most importantly, the selected filters. The output file should be opened in Media Foundation mode by Load button click.
2015-12-28- Visimetrica released
New features:
  • Memory management improved, several memory leaks eliminated.
  • Performance of Grayscale Pseudocolor filter improved.
  • Several minor bugfixes.
2015-12-01- Visimetrica released
New features:
  • Filter Rack: Eyepiece Reticle-> Three types of fully adjustable calibrated scale bar added.
  • Video file playback performance significantly increased.
  • The size of filters in Filter Rack can be minimized.
Scale Bars
Scale bars
Minimized filter size
Minimized filter size
CPU load of FullHD video
CPU Load of FullHD video
2015-11-23- Visimetrica released
New features: Filter Rack: The Eyepiece Reticle Emulator added. Dimensioned Line
Concentric Reticle

These reticles are usable for images and camera feeds, since the shapes are drawn directly into image frames, they are visible both in saved pictures and in captured video. Position, dimension, color, opacity and the other features are adjustable. Most of them are calibrated and therefore are applicable as a scale bar.

This first series contains Dimensioned Line, Cross Line, Ruler and Concentric Reticles. I believe, that next shapes will follow. If you have an idea for a useful shape, feel free to send me your proposal.

Note, that this filter is always ranked at the end of the filter chain, so the other filters have no effect on it. Of course, reticle filters can be combined with each other.

2015-10-02- Visimetrica released
New features: Several minor bugs fixed.
2015-09-15- Visimetrica released
New features: YCbCr Filter
  • Filter Rack: YCbCr Linear Correction Filter Added.
  • Fixed bug in single camera removing.
2015-09-05- Visimetrica released
New features:
  • Synchronous media control including media displaying or multiple cameras recording trigger.
  • Snapshot and Recording Options buttons moved from Video Control to Camera Thumbnail.
  • Major redesign of Recording Options Window, recording can be now initialized directly from there.
  • Application Settings extended(slide show speed, timestamp date formats etc).
2015-08-31- Visimetrica released
New features: Automatic reporting removed.
2015-08-27- Visimetrica released
New features: Video Recording Options window redesigned.
Output video path saving and reading implemented.
2015-08-26- Visimetrica released
New features: 147 pseudocolor LUTs added to installation package.
Fixed bug, which may cause endless looping while video file opening.
Fixed bug in media path.
2015-08-25 - PseudoAngelo released
New features: Toolbars improved.
2015-08-25 - RaspiView released
New features: Installation comes with 147 LUTs for Graylevel Pseudocolor Filter
2015-08-20- Visimetrica released
New features: Images2Video Images2Video Module added.

This tool converts the collection of pictures into video file. Source images can be loaded from the application image buffer or directly from disc. The resolution, framerate, bitrate, and video codec of video created with are optional. The video can be processed by Filter Rack. Useful for making an animated movie or time-lapse video from a series of snapshots.
2015-08-14- Visimetrica released
2015-06-12 - RaspiView released
New features (Filter Rack): Motion Detector with zoomable motion graph based on AForge.NET. Motion Detector Motion Detector

2015-04-23 - RaspiView released
RaspiView migrated to the .NET 4 Framework
2015-04-15 - PseudoAngelo released PseudoAngelo
2015-04-15 - RaspiView released
New features (Filter Rack): Gray Level Pseudocolor filter Gray Level Pseudocolor
Filter compatible with ImageJ Look Up Tables or tables created by PseudoAngelo

Fixed bug in single image saving.

2014-07-23 - RaspiView released
New features (Filter Rack):
Snapshot button added
HSL color space filters:
-Hue Modifier
-HSL Filtering
-HSL Linear Correction
Other filters:
-Blob Counter - Counts separate objects on a black background
To separate blobs various filters can be used, for example Adaptive Thresholding, RGB or HSL filtering, morphology etc. (enhanced segmentation filter currently under development).
See Blob Counter results here
-Blur - blur filter, usable for blob segmentation.
-Gamma Correction
-Histogram equalization
-Rotate Channels

All these filters are based on Andrew Kirillov's AForge Framework
2014-07-16 - RaspiView released
New features (Home Tab):
Filter Rack Filter Rack - the transparent window with plugin stack added. Filters can be chained and applied both on video and still images. Order of filters can be changed by arrows.
See filters results here
RGB color space filters:
Brightness and Contrast
RGB Color Adjust - sets the RGB colors ratio
RGB Color Filtering - filters by RGB colors, filtered area is replaced by grayscale or black color
Grayscale - various grayscale algorithms
Pseudo Color - simple pseudocolor algorithm, in future will be improved with color tables
Sepia - sepia tone filter
Binarization filters:
Thresholding - simple thresholding filter, the grayscale filter can be included before
Adaptive thresholding - variety of local thresholding algorithms (Bradley, Sauvola, Otsu, SIS, Iterative).

Fixed several minor bugs in unmanaged code parts.

2014-07-04 - RaspiView released
New features (Home Tab):
USB Devices Support for USB Camera connected to PC as local video source added.

Fixed bug in video buffer unlocking which may cause app crash on Win XP.

2014-06-25 - RaspiView released
New features (Home Tab):
Histogram Transparent histogram window based on Dynamic Data Display, both axes zoomable by mouse wheel. Histogram
Magnifying Glass Magnifying glass
Magnifying Glass
2014-06-11 - RaspiView Windows Installer
2014-06-11 - RaspiView Source Code
Note, that only the current version of the source code will be available, ask me for older versions.
2014-06-04 - Compressed Image of SDHC Card with Raspbian and MJPG Streamer installed, IP