RaspiView Home Tab Controls

Home Tab
Open Image Opens Image file, supported formats are BMP, JPG, GIF, TIFF, PNG.
Save Image Saves Image currently rendered on screen.
In case of JPG format the quality dialog appears and the image degradation is shown immediately Image Quality Dialog
Connect Shows Connection dialog.
Image Quality Dialog
First line: Connection name, must be unique
Second line: IP Address or Raspberry Pi, is checked for validity while connecting, if not valid or empty, only stream address is used
Third line: MJPEG stream address
Fourth line: Login name, default "Pi"
Fifth line: Password, default "Raspberry"
If you are creating a new connection or editing some existing(with the same name) first click Save and then Connect!
Disconnect Closes current connection.
USB Devices Invokes local video source (USB camera) connection dialog.
View Zoom Control Shows/Hides Zoom Control, in both cases the zoom and pan of the video or image can be controlled by mouse wheel or ctrl+mouse drag
Zoom Control
View Axes Shows/Hides horizontal and vertical axis calibrated in pixels,
in next releases the posibility of calibrations in metric units will be implemented. Axis
View Grid Shows/Hides dynamic grid
Dynamic Grid
View Axis Cursor Shows/Hides Axis Cursor
Axis Cursor
View Cursor Coordinate Shows/Hides Cursor Coordinate Graph
Cursor Coordinate Graph
Zoom Lock: Enables/Disables zooming
Pan Lock: Enables/Disables panning
Filter Rack Filter Rack - the transparent window with plugin stack added. Filters can be chained and applied both on video and still images. Order of filters can be changed by arrows.
See filters results here
Filter Rack
RGB color space filters:
Brightness and Contrast
RGB Color Adjust - sets the RGB colors ratio
RGB Color Filtering - filters by RGB colors, filtered area is replaced by grayscale or black color
Grayscale - various grayscale algorithms
Pseudo Color - simple pseudocolor algorithm.
Sepia - sepia tone filter
Binarization filters:
Thresholding - simple thresholding filter, the grayscale filter can be included before
Adaptive thresholding - variety of local thresholding algorithms (Bradley, Sauvola, Otsu, SIS, Iterative).

Histogram Shows/Hides transparent histogram window based on Dynamic Data Display, both axes zoomable by mouse wheel. Histogram
Magnifying Glass Shows/Hides Magnifying glass
Magnifying Glass