RaspiView Logo The PseudoAngelo is a tool for grayscale-based pseudocolor processing. It allows to create, edit and save user defined Look Up Tables (LUT), the color tables (palettes) for image color processing. The PseudoAngelo can read ImageJ LUT formats, both text or binary, and save these tables in its proprietary format based on PNG image strip. LUT created by PseudoAngelo are compatible with Grayscale Pseudocolor Filter available in RaspiView's Filter Rack from version, it means, that pseudocolor filtering can be applied to video from USB or IP camera. PseudoAngelo requires .NET 4.0 Framework. Developed and tested on Windows 7 32bit and Windows 8.1 64bit.

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Quick Start (back to contents)

Processed images viewing

Images toolbar Click the image add icon on image scrollviewer toolbar and load some images, then thumbnails appears. The image is displayed by clicking on the thumbnail. By default, with no LUT loaded, you will see the image as grayscale, because the LUT graph editor's curves are in diagonal position and no colors are set. Grayscale conversion algorithm can be set by combobox above the image. Now load some LUTs by Add Lookup Table icon. LUT thumbnails will appear and selected image is processed by selected LUT. Selection can be changed by UP and DOWN keyboard arrows on focused scrollviewer. PseudoAngelo default layout PseudoAngelo colored image viewing

LUT creating and editing

LUT graph toolbar Load and display an image. Then select one of three editing curves (red, green, blue) by color selector. The red curve is default. Double click anywhere on the graph to add editing point for selected color. The curve is linear interpolated by default and can be edited by point dragging. Number of these points can be up to 255. To delete point mark it and press Delete Point icon. LUT editing
You can also select Lagrange interpolation mode to create polynomial interpolated curves. Lagrange interpolation
To find luminance value of selected point in image double click on the image, the yellow draggable point in image and matching yellow dashed line in graph will appear. Double click again to delete this point. Intensity search
When you are satisfied with LUT created, click Done button on graph toolbar and the new LUT is included in LUT scrollviewer. Then save it on disc by LUT Save icon. This LUT with all editing points is saved now and is ready for possible future changes. To save colored image, use Done button on image toolbar, then mark new thumbnail and save by Image Save icon.

Note, that both graph and image view components are zoomable by mouse wheel or by Ctrl+drag.

Application mode (back to contents)

App Mode Selector Three major application modes can be selected:

1. LUT + Image

Both LUT and selected image visible
PseudoAngelo in LUT+Image Mode

2. LUT

LUT visible
PseudoAngelo in LUT Mode

3. Image

Image visible
PseudoAngelo in Image Mode