RaspiView Raspi Control Tab Controls

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Raspi Control Tab
Refresh Click this button to apply any changes.
Frame Resolution Combo Sets frame resolution of Raspi's MJPEG streamer
Frame Rate Combo Sets desired frame rate. In fact it may be lower depending on the speed of the line and video quality.
MJPEG Quality Combo Sets quality of streamed JPEGS, for video the value of 20 is acceptable.
Exposure Combo Sets the exposure length of camera
White Balance Combo Sets the white balance of camera,
avoid setting none, you could get the stream of black frames.
Rotation Combo Rotates the video by selected number of degrees.
Image FX Sets Image Effect
Colour FX Sets colour FX
Open/Save Buttons Opens/Saves your settings to XML file.
Console Shows console window to see the communication between Raspberry Pi and your computer.