RaspiView Snapshot Tab Controls

These controls allow to acquire a single image or series of images from running video.

Raspi Control Tab
Snap Click this button to make a one or more snapshots. The number of images depends on value in Frames Left textbox. Preview of captured images you can see in Thumbnails Tab.
Interval textbox: Sets the interval in milliseconds between captured frames. If not set, all incoming frames are captured.
Stack button: Pressing this button system creates a new image from the selected ones using chosen Stacking Method. Caution: application has no image aligning algorithm implemented, for macro images with offsets and scale differences use e.g. Combine ZM, in my opinion the best stacking application ever.
If Autostack is checked, stacking run automaticaly when all images are shot. It is highly probable, that similar algorithm will be implemented to some Visimetrica module in future.
If Delete Source is checked, source images are deleted after the stack is computed.
Stacking Methods:
MED calculates the median value of each RGB color of matching pixels. Very useful for picture noise reduction. Look here.
AVG calculates the average value of each RGB color of matching pixels. Usage similar as MED.
WAVG calculates weighted average of corresponding pixels where weights are luminosity changes in surround of the pixel.
Radius attribute sets this surround radius in pixels.