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The first version of the comprehensive system for video recording, video playback and image acquisition using multiple media in one workspace at one time.

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Visimetrica works with four main types of media:
  • Images (JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF)
  • Video Files (AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, DRV-MS)
  • USB Cameras
  • IP Cameras (MJPEG, JPEG)

Main features

  • Except for video files playback, where emphasis is placed on performance, all media has its own Filter Rack, a set of imaging filters that you can assemble and save.
  • Similarly to RaspiView, Visimetrica can take series of snapshots from running camera or video and apply various stacking methods to reduce image noise (MED) or to create a deep focus microphotography (WAVG). This features will be improved with image registering for macrophotography in future.
  • Visimetrica can record from multiple cameras simultaneously, each record can have its own frame rate, bit rate, codec etc.
  • Image and IP Camera media can be cloned and displayed at one time with different filters settings for direct comparison.
  • Visimetrica contains the basic set of measurement objects (markers, lines, angles, polygons) in separate layer above media display. Default calibration units of these objects as well as the whole workspace are pixels, but you can create and save your own calibrations in metric or any other units.
  • The workspace including all media and measurement objects is zoomable by mousewheel or relevant control.
  • By pressing F11 key, the environment switchs to fullscreen mode to maximize the workspace area. The controls appearance can be checked in Settings->Show on fullscreen.
  • Visimetrica has the Raspberry Pi extension for Raspi MJPEG Streamer control. More info here.
  • Application creates neither registry entries nor any other PC contamination. All settings are saved in AppData directory
  • Visimetrica is designed as an extensible environment for the implementation of other functionalities for industrial, medical and other research use.
Visimetrica in fullscreen mode

System requirements

CPU 2.0GHz or faster, 1024MB of memory, W7 and higher,
.NET 4.0 installed

Third party software components

Dynamic Data Display